After consulting and advising startup companies for the last five years, I have decided to join this new venture in conjunction with a strong Indian partner because I believe that outsourcing lower-level programming jobs to India can help other countries by helping their businesses become more competitive and more profitable.

This allows them not only to avoid layoffs, but even increase salaries and quality of life, pay more corporate taxes, and add additional, higher-paying jobs in their country. Meanwhile, India benefits with better jobs, too.

Surlin is the second largest recruitment and BPO training institute in India, with over thirty locations so far worldwide. My new firm is Surlin Remote Teams.

We are an innovative technology staffing service, focused on small and mid-size businesses around the world. Initially, we are approaching North America and Germany, but many of other countries are joining as sales partners via Surlin Consultant’s highly cost-effective outsourcing programs.


I am a 42-year-old American living in Austria. For 15 years I have provided business consulting services globally, including consumer electronics, software development, enterprise Web services and consumer goods companies.

Many of my projects include international project teams with language and time-zone challenges.

The value I bring to my clients includes strategy and planning, advisory services, and project execution with a global network of resources to draw from. Most importantly, I have the ability to learn your business objectives quickly and deliver results; all business are different, yet similar technology and market factors apply.

Mark Tuttle
+43 6991 824-0835

Skills & Strengths

  • Committed and results-driven
  • Experience managing diverse teams and skills
  • Board level to project management experience
  • Educated in a wide range of technical disciplines
  • Extensive software product and project experience
  • Budget, vendors and products management
  • Experienced with a broad range of companies
  • Strong communications skills (written and oral)

Business Experience EU and US

  • Technology and product development
  • Software development
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Company startup and organization
  • Sales & marketing
  • Customer support and Service
  • Global Web site development and online marketing
  • Financial statements and forecasting
  • Technology strategy and IT operations
  • Internet business models and e-Commerce
  • Sound engineering and Acoustics

  • Recent Experience
  • References
  • My personal interests include piano, travel, family, history, sailing, biking, free diving, speaking engagements, and any new technology.

    A US citizen, I live with my wife and two sons in Austria, where I also provide lecture services for the Vienna Business School.

    EU Address:
    Breitenstein 261
    2673 Breitenstein am Semmering
    +43 6991 824 0000 – global mobile number

    US Address:
    6820 Boston Harbor Road
    Olympia, WA 98506

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