Recent Projects & Milestones

2006 to present: Surlin Remote US and India
Mark co-founded Surlin Remote and is responsible for setting up global structure, product development, sales and marketing. Surlin Remote makes top Indian technical talent available in a flexible team structure that is cost effective and allows an easy first step into overeas outsourcing. This people-business requires a unique blend of operations and customer satisfaction challenges.

2001 to 2005 - Philips Electronics, Amsterdam
Mark most recently consulted for Philips Streamium, a startup division of Philips Computer Electronics in Vienna. Mark's role included product development support; online customer service strategy, planning and implementation; and vendor selection and budget management.

1999 to 2001 -, US and Antwerp, Belgium
As Director of Technology, Mark worked on the business model development, business plan creation, first round investment, and the creation of an online B2B services system for Belgem, the most advanced diamond market trading platform.

1995 to 2000 - Web Associates, California
As Co-Founder and President, Mark also served as Web Associates' chief consultant and technology leader, managing the software engineering team in pioneering some of the first online software systems. He also served as CFO for the company's first five years, with growth from $Zero to $ 3.6 million profitable annual sales, raising seed and angle financing and remains on the Board of Directors. Web Associates continues to serve leading companies such as Disney, VISA, HP, Apple, Philips and Johnson & Johnson.

    Yahoo!, Inc.
    Mark forged a relationship with corporate Yahoo! and led intranet software implementations for leading organizations like Herbal Life and Cable and Wireless. Mark's role included consulting on corporate intranet strategy, implementation, content services and systems integration.

    Hewlett-Packard Partner System
    Mark consulted with HP's LaserJet division and designed the company's first secure online distribution system for HP's thousands of development partners. Success led to scaling of the system to include new features and use by many different divisions of HP; 3,600 3rd-party companies still use the system today.

    Acer Computer
    Mark's software development team created a dynamic online product catalog for Acer Peripherals USA.

    Apple Computer
    Under Mark's direction, Apple Computer's initial need of an integrated hosting system evolved into an ongoing production relationship serving Apple's Design & Publishing, Science and Technology, Education, Small Business and other divisions requiring Internet development.

    Hewlett-Packard Multi-Divisional Development
    Mark directed the technical development of online systems for HP DeskJet, OfficeJet, JetSend, Consumer Products, and HP Professional Services.

    Hewlett-Packard LaserJet
    Mark consulted with HP's LaserJet division and designed the company's first secure online distribution system for HP's thousands of development partners.

    Lucent Technologies
    Mark worked with Lucent Corporate to specify and develop a globally-distributed content management system with an online area code-based support locator.

    Mark worked with AT&T's new spin-off IPO company and helped to create Lucent Technologies' first Web site.

    Mark deployed Compu-America's first successful e-commerce system in 1995.

1994 - Internet Consultant, California
With his partner, Dave Dahl, Mark conducted business seminars about the Internet and World Wide Web and, later in the year, conceived Web Associates, Inc.

1994 - Barker Design Group, California
As a consulting engineer, Mark created 3-D virtual and rapid prototypes and selected and managed manufacturers.

1993 - Kilovac Corporation, California
Mark helped Kilovac establish a seamless, 3D design-to-manufacturing process for developing high-performance plastic housings for F-22 Stealth fighter planes.

1992 to 1993 - Biotek Solutions, California
Mark developed an in-situ-hybridization oven for Biotek Solutions' robotic DNA testing system. He worked with the company's research chemists to generate system requirements, develop prototypes, and produce the product.

1987 to 1991 - Novare Engineering, California
As an Applications Engineer, Mark was responsible for demonstrating, training and implementing CAD/CAM and CAE systems for medical and aerospace engineering companies. His role included evaluating and optimizing designs and manufacturing processes.

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